5 places in India that you need to travel and explore at least once in your life

5 places in India that you need to travel and explore at least once in your life

 Traveling is an act of moving from one place to another for various purposes such as any personal reason, business, leisure, education, etc. It is a journey that is undertaken by any means of transport like airways, waterways, land transportation, etc. In this blog, we will discuss 5 places in India that you should visit before you die. But before that let’s discuss about some benefits of traveling. 

There are many benefits of traveling. Some of these are;

  • You get to explore different cuisines and cultures.
  • Traveling relieves stress and helps you to relax. 
  • It boosts creativity as it makes you experience new things that help to stimulate your mind. 
  • It reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety and improves your mental health. 
  • Due to traveling you get to interact with different people and cultures and hence it increases your social skills. 
  • It helps you to develop new skills and leads to personal growth.
  • It expands your worldview and helps you gain a new perspective on life. 

5 places that feel like heaven in India

1. Auroville: the city of dawn in Auroville located near Pondicherry is a peaceful location where you will find people from different countries. It is the best place for meditation with a metallic gold sphere and lovely green lawns. 

2. Tosh: it is a peaceful village located in Himachal Pradesh. You can enjoy mountain peaks covered in snow and waterfalls. It is located in Parvati Valley. 

3. Champawat: this place is located in the Kumaon region of Uttrakhand. You can cherish nature’s beauty over here. The most popular attraction of this place is Shani Temple. 

4. Dzukou Valley: this place is located at the border of Nagaland and Manipur. It is a beautiful valley of flowers and it consists of some rarest to an exotic variety of flowers. This place has meadows, streams, and natural caves that are extremely outstanding. 

5. Sarnath: this place is located near the holy town of Varanasi. This is the place where lord buddha delivered his first sermon. It is a very peaceful place and consists of many such stupas and shrines. You can also find Ashoka pillars in the museum.

Overall, traveling is a great way of relieving stress, exploring different cultures and languages, spending quality time, and tasting different cuisines. The places mentioned in the above article are definitely going to help you with these things. You can also share some travel-related blogs on our channel Write For Us Travel Guest Post

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