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Beauty Guest Post

We're constantly on the lookout for new guest writers to join our team and offer original content in the form of Beauty Guest Post articles.

Our brand's purpose is to provide ladies with advice on how to feel gorgeous.

You will be able to share your ideas, advice, and experiences with our readers by participating as a guest writer.

What Is in It for Me?

You expand your writing portfolio and earn visibility for your work.

You'll get an author profile with full credit and a link to your own website or social media accounts at the end of every item you publish.

Our social media promotion can help you reach a wider audience with your articles.

Sound Good, What Are the Rules for Beauty Guest Post?

  • Articles should be between 800 and 1000 words in length when submitted.
  • When applicable, use subheadings and/or bullets.
  • From a copyright standpoint, the photographs utilized must be safe to use.
  • Important: Guest pieces must be unique, authored by you, the author, and not previously published online or in print.
  • Important: You promise not to republish the content on any other website once it has been published on ours.
  • We do not accept guest articles submitted on behalf of other businesses or websites. We'll talk about an advertorial if you have such an offer. However, you may include a link on your website that directs visitors to your post on our site.
  • Any content you submit to our site becomes our blog's property. We maintain the right to share, advertise, and utilize the content for the purpose of promoting this blog (with attribution to you).
  • We'll include a brief bio (up to five phrases) with links to your social media profiles and a photo at the conclusion of your guest contributions. A more extensive profile might be added to the archive of your post.
  • We urge you to produce high-quality material that makes you proud, thus we don't accept content marketing only for SEO purposes. If you require such an opportunity, consider writing for a beauty site like Girly Tips. In your content, we do not accept SEO links.
  • Please note that guest postings are now compensated.

What Can I Do to Improve My Content After It's Been Published?

We invite you to participate in the discussion area of your blog post.

Use social media and word-of-mouth to spread the news about your guest article.

If you see something that needs to be changed or if the material is obsolete, please let us know.

What Is the Submission Process If I Meet the Requirements?

To begin, send an email stating your plan to guest blog, along with your bio (and photo) and article ideas.

We're excited to get to know you!

You may also include connections to your social media accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. We'll discuss your ideas, you'll submit us the guest post, and we'll work together on the finishing touches if required.

We are unable to guarantee that all submissions will be published. We'll choose the ones we think will be most useful to our readers. We may take a few days to respond, but rest assured that every guest piece will be reviewed and considered. In any event, we'll let you know what we've decided and give you input. If we decide not to publish your message, you are free to post it elsewhere else on the internet.

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