Write For Us Shopping Category Accepted


Write For Us Shopping Category Accepted

We accept Write For Us Shopping guest posts from dynamic authors from all around the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Who are the people who are innovative and can give profound insights to readers all around the world, as well as product ideas? On our page, we have a continuous readership of thousands of regular visitors. We provide you with a fantastic opportunity to showcase your work on a silver platter. If you have the ability to spot emerging trends in the sector, we invite you to share your expertise on our website.

Our primary purpose is to provide our users with high-quality information. We'd be happy to have you contribute articles on a variety of themes, including education, marketing, history, philosophy, politics, and economics, to mention a few. If your work is 100 percent SEO optimized, we will appreciate it. Before you begin your job, please read the following information. This will almost certainly boost your content's chances of being published.

Who Can Write for Us Shopping?

We have authors of all levels, from specialists to novices. Because our procedures involve editorial monitoring, this might be a great venue for you to debut your work.

Simply put together an outline to show us if you have an idea or want to share anything. Then we'll help you figure out how to make it more engaging. We will give you all of the assistance you require when writing and revising your essay. Even the most qualified authors began somewhere, and we would be thrilled if you choose to begin your writing career with us.

How to Submit an article?

We're searching for authors from all around the world who can come up with a unique piece on a current industry hot issue. Send us a synopsis of your blog's content and goals.

After you've decided on a topic, you may compose the article and submit it for approval. You may also email us any image references you'd like to use in your post. Infographics and a list of subtopics are also appreciated. Make certain that anything you send leaves an impact on the recipients.

You can write an article between 1000 and 1500 words. However, be certain that it does not follow a sales or marketing pitch. Our editors will review your blog and offer you input as needed. You are free to begin working on the article right away.

Writing Guidelines for Write For Us Shopping Guest Bloggers

  • We accept only original, non-plagiarized articles.
  • The post should be 1000 words long, however, we prefer word lengths between 1000 and 1500 words. It may also contain relevant graphics and outbound links to enhance the reading experience. Please be aware that any improper hyperlinks will be deleted.
  • Please make certain that the article is written in the third person.
  • The article should be well-organized, proofread, and grammar-checked.
  • It should not be a promotional or advertising post. It is completely forbidden to promote your goods, business, or service in your guest post. This means you shouldn't promote your company, including any product links in your piece, or include a link to your company's blog in your guest post. Also, no screenshots of your brand, product, or websites should be included.
  • The picture you choose should be freely available on the internet or have been previously developed by your company.
  • The article should be written in Word. Separately, provide necessary photographs as an attachment.
  • Before submitting the article, please double-check everything. Once a post has gone live, it cannot be modified or erased.

Editorial Process

Send your story to us through email. Editors may quickly examine and give criticism and help immediately within your draught if you submit your article as a "Google document." A plaintext file, a Markdown file, or a link to an HTML page are all acceptable options.

NOTE: Please only send ZIP files if the editor specifically requests them.

After you submit, here's what happens:

  • Your article will be evaluated by an editor to see whether it has the potential to fit. If that's the case, the entire team will go through it. Once a week, this technique is repeated.
  • The editor will solicit comments from the team and respond with ideas. We do not accept articles the first time they are submitted.
  • You can give us your edited/revised content at any time after you've gotten our feedback. Our team will go through it again, and we'll talk about the areas where we can improve and accept it.
  • After sending your post, you will be assigned a professional editor who will work directly with you to resolve issues like organization, argument structure, and writing method.
  • We'll put you on the list for publishing as soon as the changes are finished. We won't be able to give you a firm publishing date until the piece is complete.

Email id to contact us or sending blogs is contact.blogging23@gmail.com.

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