Health Blogs Write for Us


Health Blogs Write for us

We'd like to extend an invitation to you to contribute to our website. We accept articles about medicine, health and fitness, durable medical equipment, health and nutrition, and so forth. Doctors, medical writers, and fitness bloggers are encouraged to submit articles.

We only accept high-quality, SEO-optimized Health Blogs Write for us articles that are relevant to the medical area. If the author section is not pro-motive in nature, we only give a maximum of two do-follow links to each post.

Please send your document to the email address shown below. We publish health articles to inform its clients and the broader public about health issues.  

Frequently Asked Questions on a Health Blogs Write for us

Q 1. Where can I create articles on health?

Ans: Prime Healers accepts high-quality health-related content and publishes them after expert editing.

Q 2. What should I write about?

Ans. The information is about medicine, health, health recommendations, illness conditions, fitness, wellbeing, a healthy diet, health research, health policies, comparative health policies, and so on.

Q 3. Can I republish my entry on my blog?

Ans. No. We retain the rights to your work if we post it on Prime Healers. Republishing on your own blog or any other website is not permitted.

Q 4. What should the length of my postings be?

Ans. Aim for a word count of 500-1500. The lengthier the article, the higher the odds of a high search engine ranking. We only accept high-quality guest blogs.

Q 5. Is it necessary for me to conduct keyword research prior to submitting the draught?

Ans. Yes, we are grateful. Please include the most popular search terms in your material. In the guest post content, we recommend employing long-tail keywords.

Q 6. Will you make any changes to my post?

Ans. Yes. It is debatable. We will amend the article if it is necessary. However, we only accept articles in the health sector that are of high quality.

Q 7. Is it necessary to add a photograph to the article?

Ans: Yes, it is correct. You have the option of providing No. One will be added. Alternatively, offer us something that is economically acceptable.

Q 8. What should I do after I've submitted my post?

Ans. When we post, we hope you'll participate in the comments section, answering readers' queries and sharing your ideas. Please accept our deepest appreciation for your contribution in advance!

Q 9. Is it possible for me to join the blogosphere?

Ans. Yes, of course. You are welcome to join us.

Q 10. Do you accept infographics?

Ans. Yes. It has to be well-optimized and well explored.

Q 11. Is there a cost for publication?

Ans. Yes. We are currently not accepting free articles.

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