Write For Us Marketing Category is Now Available For Guest Blogging

Write For Us Marketing Category is Now Available For Guest Blogging

That you are interested makes us happy.

We now welcome content marketing professionals to contribute their experiences, viewpoints, and voices to our audience by way of guest pieces.

Even though we are picky about what appears on our site, we do read every request for a Write For Us Marketing.

However, kindly read the criteria before sending us any requests, as we reserve the right to refuse any that do not follow them.

Important: Our approval procedure is time-consuming and we receive many requests. We take 5 to 10 business days to answer, so we ask for your patience. You may use your piece elsewhere if you don't hear back after 15 business days. Follow-up emails are unnecessary and should not be sent.

We have a "Sponsored Guest Post" option if you're searching for rapid publication. A sponsored piece is published in 1-2 business days, as opposed to the standard Write For Us Marketing guest post. It would still require our editors' approval and adhere to our guest post requirements.

Topics We Cover For Write For Us Marketing:

We cover Content marketing and other topics including:

  • SEO Services
  • Pay For Performance SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media
  • PPC
  • Website Analytics
  • Website Design
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Online Innovation
  • Small Business
  • Start-up Marketing
  • Digital Advertising
  • Blogging
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Reputation Management
  • Influencer Marketing

What Do We Publish For Marketing Write For Us Category?

You can offer your advice, how-to articles, case studies, trends, or listicles if you are an authority in content marketing and have something to teach our readers.

Opinions of experts: If you are a subject-matter specialist in the field with relevant expertise and a strong online profile, you are welcome to submit your thoughts on anything pertaining to the Content Marketing sector.

Infographics: You can provide an infographic along with an introduction if it is well-made.

Guest Post Guidelines for Write For Us Marketing:

We want you to be aware of our rules before you create or submit a story to us. Please take the time to thoroughly read and follow these instructions:

  • First things first: there should be no grammatical or linguistic problems in your essay.
  • Your tale needs to be engaging, educational, and enlightening. Every article on our blog attempts to provide our readers with useful information that will help them improve their knowledge of digital marketing or keep them informed.
  • Please refrain from sending us large blocks of text spread out throughout a word document. With subheadings, bullets, quotations, and graphics, your piece should be well-organized.
  • Avoid speaking to people like a business. We are people educating our fellow humans, therefore speak like one when you tell your tale. Speak to the readers directly in the first person.
  • It should go without saying that we only accept in-depth, high-quality information.
  • The article must be at least 2,500.00 words long.
  • We will only post articles focused on SEO, content marketing and all marketing categories.
  • You need to include at least 4-5 pertinent photographs in your article. As much as possible, stay away from stock photography
  • Include pertinent statistics, graphs, charts, etc.
  • The narrative needs to be original and unpublished.
  • Add your headshot and biography to the article.
  • Don't use your tale to market any services or goods.
  • The promotional links in your content may be removed at our discretion. However, you can link to pertinent educational content. You can include links to your service pages in your profile.
  • Send your tale submission along with your topic suggestions.

You won't likely hear from us if you don't adhere to the aforementioned rules.

Note: Press releases and reviews of goods or services are not published by us.

What Takes Place Should Your Story Be Published?

  • If your tale is chosen, it is given to our editors for assessment. We send it back with our feedback if it needs any revisions.
  • The title and content of the article are subject to change.
  • The author has the right to credit us as the story's original publisher when publishing the work elsewhere.
  • We can repost the article or distribute it on any social media platform while giving the author proper credit.
  • We don't compensate for guest posts.
  • The necessary guidelines below must be followed by all contributors.
  • What we do not seek includes:
  • Just another guest essay about digital marketing that is spun, boring, and unpredictable. We dislike generic information.
  • A piece of information that doesn't conclude with any useful lessons
  • a piece of information that makes assertions without any sources or social proofs to support them
  • A piece of material that was created just for citations and not to benefit the communities of content marketing and SEO

What we're searching for 

  • a story! We want to read about your insights, experiences, and viewpoints.
  • Your writing has a "human touch"
  • Something novel to benefit the communities of content marketing and SEO

Email id for Contacting us: contact@blogging23@gmail.com.

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