What's a site or website?


What's a site or website

A website, or "site", is simply a collection of web pages that relate to each other and sit within the same internet domain – For Example: chhabrasolutions.com

The main, or original, runner is known as the "home page", and then you will find hyperlinks( or "links") to all the other "subpages" contained within the website. 

These links are generally stressed or made distinctive in some way, allowing you to find them fluently so that you can click on them to get to another part of the point. Are you searching for the best sites to use for your daily work? Visit the link and you will get a big list of the best general sites to read about different things. Or else mail us to freeinvoicr@gmail.com. And if interested then you can write on the category write for us general sites and send us.

With the Internet overrunning every sphere, we see websites for all kinds of causes and purposes. So, we can also say that a website can also be allowed.

As a digital environment able to deliver information and results and promote relations between people, places, and things to support the aims of the association it was created for. 

A Web site is an affiliated collection of World Wide Web( WWW) files that includes a starting file called a home page. A company or an individual tells you how to get to their Web site by presenting you with the address of their home page. From the home page, you can get to all the other runners on their site. 

A server is a computer that holds the lines for one or more spots. A veritably large Web site may be spread over a number of servers in different geographic locations.

Kinds of Websites 


A static website is one that's comprised of flat files similar to images, HTML, and CSS( Cascading Style Sheet). This is the simplest form a website can take. 


A dynamic website is created as the visitor uses the website. The website is generated by a web application or law. 


A complex website is one that uses two or more web applications.

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