is India's No. 1 Matrimony Site is India's No. 1 Matrimony Site

Anupam Mittal is the creator and CEO of, the world’s " oldest and most successful" online marriage service. recently celebrated its 15th anniversary.

Hundreds of thousands of people have set up their life mates and innumerable others have acquired some veritably special buddies as a result of this groundbreaking matchmaking service. is an Indian online marriage service, innovated in 1997. Its core request is India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, but it operates universally, with services in Canada, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States. began as in 1997. Its founder, Anupam Mittal, changed its name to in 1999, believing it to be a more marketable name. If you want to find life partners then click on the link India's No 1 Matrimony Site and you will get everything about it. 

Its original success was primarily among non-resident Indians, as Internet acceptance across India was poor at the time, and conservative parents were hesitant to arrange marriages through a new startup.

Despite some early personnel troubles, saw success over the following fifteen months as Internet adoption increased and people became more open to online matchmaking. 

In 2008, it became the world's no.1 matrimonial website for Asians and reached 20 millions in 2011.

In addition to online matchmaking, runs over one hundred Shaadi Centres, retail outlets that offer match-related services. 

In 2009, it partnered with Star Plus to produce India's first marriage-based reality TV show. launched the Facebook game Angry Ladies to bring attention to dowry abuses in India. launched Shaadi Cares, a social action to educate people regarding marital issues, including dowry and domestic violence. 

In 2016, acquired Thrill Group, a startup that included two courting products, FRIVIL and Fropper, established by expat entrepreneurs Josh Israel and Devin Serago.

By promising an advanced position in matrimonial success, the online agency has been attracting attention and sign-ups. has been connecting profiles with implicit compatibility for over 22 years, and its marriage success stories have surpassed 5 million.

Every month, it adds over 1.5 million active users to its subscriber base, with about 12,000–15,000 sign-ups per day. That explains why it's the largest online matchmaking service in the world.

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