Clever Ways to Redesigning a Small Living Space


Clever Ways to Redesigning a Small Living Space

There are a million and one ways to approach designing your living room, but if yours is smaller than average, then you might be stunted on where to start. Redesigning your small living room can be beneficial in a few ways. To start, it could make the space feel more spacious and less cluttered. Additionally, it can even make your home more valuable which you can see via a free home appraisal tool. And, last but not least, if you decide to put your home on the market or even sell your house for cash, having a well-designed living room will be a huge benefit. Here are some clever ways to redesign your small living space. 

Focus on Decluttering

Before you move forward with a total redesign, you’ll want to do a deep cleaning and decluttering in the space. One of the biggest issues with small living spaces is that there are way too many things lying around. Start by compiling all of the items that you don't use or barely use and get rid of them. Depending on the item and what condition it’s in, you can either sell it, donate it, or throw it away. With most items, once it’s out of your possession, you won’t even remember having it in the first place. Additionally, your living room will thank you for it.

Be Nifty With Storing Items

After decluttering, you’ll want to reassess the best way to store everything that you have left. If your first instinct is to buy a new cabinet or drawer, think again. Adding more furniture, even if just for storage, can actually make things more cluttered since it will take up floor space. Instead, be creative with what you already have. Use wall shelves to hang up smaller belongings and decorations, use a wall mount to hang your television, and place organizational baskets atop side tables or stands to keep smaller items organized.

Choose Furniture that Can Double as Storage

If you’re opting for new furniture, look into pieces that can double as storage. For instance, shop for couches that are either higher up or that have pull out shelves underneath to help create a space for things like blankets or books. These days, a lot of floor lamps will come equipped with mini shelves to help you keep your space clutter free. Further, small tables that come with multiple compartments for belongings are also going to work in your favor. Be smart with furniture choices.

Be Mindful About Furniture

When adding in furniture to your spot, choose pieces that are going to fit well and complement your space. Choose furniture in colors and fabrics that go well together and aren’t particularly loud or mismatched. Having a solid color scheme that pairs with the rest of the room will help the overall look appear less cluttered. Additionally, be mindful of where you place everything and try not to take up too much room or block walkways.

Whether you want to make your home more spacious for yourself or are selling to a house buying company and need some leverage, redesigning your small living space is a must. By choosing the right furniture, getting rid of unnecessary belongings, and being creative with storage, your living room will feel massive compared to how it felt originally.

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