List of Businesses That You Can Proceed with Zero Investment


List of Businesses That You Can Proceed with Zero Investment

Let's start a business, but worried about the investments and all the expenses? Now no need to worry because you can proceed with your business without any investment or you can say with zero investment. Are you also looking to express your ideas, then why not submit a guest post on business and go ahead. 


The acronym for video blogging, often known as video logging, is vlogging. The advent of 4G and 5G technology in the last 10 years has drawn a lot of attention to this zero-investment industry. Any skill you have, such as artistic or culinary prowess, can be turned into a movie and uploaded to YouTube. 

Share a link to your channel on Facebook and encourage loved ones to subscribe if you want to increase visibility. Additionally, don't forget to register for Google AdSense, which will compensate you for any clicks on advertisements that viewers make while viewing your movie.

Recruitment Agency

Recruiting firms would collaborate with companies to provide the skilled workers that companies needed, in exchange for a fee. If you have a strong network and outstanding communication skills, you can start a recruitment firm and work with corporates, mid-sized companies, and small enterprises to supply workers.

Insurance Agency

This is an offline and internet business that requires no capital. To start, get the agency of a licensed insurance company by contacting it. Following that, you have to offer its insurance policies, gather premiums for the insurance company, and send the money online right away. 

Your ability to sell and market will be crucial in this field. This might be your best bet if you're searching for an offline, zero-investment business.

Home Bakery

Consumers today want baked foods to be hygienic, nutritious, and fresh. If you're good at baking, why not make a living off of it? Because the goods are prepared as soon as an order is received, this firm does not require any money. 

All you'll need are a few staple ingredients and exceptional baking skills. Through social media product promotion, you can develop a customer base.

Vastu Consultant

Indians are especially aware of the ancient Vastu customs in their workplaces and homes. People believe that Vastu can help them attract wealth, health, and prosperity. If you have extensive knowledge of Vastu, you can become a consultant for the practice. If the public finds your tips and tricks useful, you will get notoriety and reputation very soon.

Dancing/Music Classes

Both adults and children enjoy dancing to music and/or enjoying it as a hobby. To do this, they must pass challenging classes. If you're talented in both dance and music, or both, you could wish to start a class in one of the two. The initial investment for this zero-investment firm is little, but if it gains traction, it has the potential to yield substantial profits.

Marriage Bureau

There are still many Indians who are hesitant to use online matchmaking services. They often select offline bureaus that are local to the community. If you have a large social network, starting a free marriage bureau is a terrific idea. 

Now all you need to do is arrange for the bride and groom's families to meet, according to their preferences. You can choose to bill for the services you provide.


Focusing on lighting, angles, and details is necessary when taking photos. This is unquestionably one of the best zero investment business ideas. Make a website, showcase a selection of your finest images, and inform your neighbours that you provide photographic services. How many individuals are interested will astound you.

Repacking Services

Repacking is the process of emptying a big box or container and breaking it up into smaller packets or boxes to be sent out or sold. Retailers and wholesalers can take advantage of your offerings. 

Many manufacturing businesses employ someone else to pack their goods because they lack the necessary capabilities. It's something you can take on and complete to ship-ready status.

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