How To Maintain Your Newborn Health


How To Maintain Your Newborn Health

Each and every mother after giving the birth to the child is most concerned regarding the immunity of their child along with the health and fitness of her sweetheart child. As nothing is more precious for a woman and a man rather than becoming a parent to a sweet little heart in their life. A parent tries to do each and every possible thing which is in their hands for their little one and for that a mother struggles a lot and researches a lot for maintaining the best balanced diet for her little sweet heart in order to make his/her body quite fit, active and immune.

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Importance of mother milk for your newborn:-

It is a well known fact that nothing can be more better than your little sweetheart rather than mother milk and therefore, it is been recommended over the years by the pediatricians and doctors that mothers should breastfeed their child exclusively for at least six months after his birth for making his health better and best with great immune system and metabolism system.

Currently World health organization seeing the benefits of breastfeeding on the health of newborn child have recommended the parents that breastfeeding should be adopted for two years if possible for making your child health system and even immune system more stronger and better and the reason behind the same is that:-

  1. Breast Milk is full of nutrients and through it a child gets a proper balanced diet which is needed for his body and growth and thus supports the health system of the baby in the bestest manner.
  2. Through breastmilk a child gets the diet which has been intaken by her/his mother and therefore, through this child gets the proper nutritions which is needed.
  3. It has been said that breast milk is rich in iron and calcium naturally and therefore, it is best for the health of the newborn.
  4. It has been said and noticed that the breastfeed babies have better immunity then any other diet babies and that's why doctors often recommend breastfeeding.
  5. Breast milk is the most convenient food for your baby as one child can reach it anytime and anywhere which is feasible for the baby and makes the baby healthy.

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