The Do's And Don't After Laser Hair Removal That Can Ensure The Best Results


The Do's And Don't After Laser Hair Removal That Can Ensure The Best Results

There are those who would be most bothered by the laser hair reduction cost; but the fact is that when you compare the cost of using traditional methods, over and over again, the cost of a few sessions of laser hair removal will seem miniscule. For instance, if you are someone who prefers to shave the hair from legs and arms, you will be able to use one razor a maximum of three to four times. After that, you will have to throw it away and buy a new razor. This is a cycle that will have to be repeated on a regular basis, so imagine the amount of money, you will end up spending on razors, should you choose this traditional method of hair removal for several years. 

In comparison, when you choose to go for laser hair removal, you will have to pay for a few sessions, but once those are over, you should see a drastic reduction in unwanted hair – studies have shown that close to 90% of hair will have permanent reduction and the 10% that does regrow will be extremely fine in nature, being almost invisible to immediate attention. And once you get the sessions completed, provided you follow a few important dos and don’ts, you should be able to maintain the permanence of smooth and silky skin, for the longest time. 

Here are the main do’s and don’ts that you need to keep in mind, starting with all that you need to do:

  • Given that laser hair removal treatment is a non-invasive procedure, you will not need to spend any extra time at the clinic, once your session is over. In most cases, a single session can take anywhere between thirty to 45 minutes, but this time is dependent on the area that needs to be covered and the volume of density of hair. Once the session is over, you will need to cool down the treated area, because at the end of the day, laser is directing heat energy into your body. As a side effect, you could feel some skin sensitivity, itching and redness – all these can be tackled quite easily with a cold compress. However, the cold compress should be applied for no more than 10 minutes at a time, and that too only three to five times a day. 
  • Aloevera gel is also known to be a one stop solution for soothing the discomfort that arises post laser hair reduction – you can use either the store-bought aloe gels or if possible fresh aloe. If you are using fresh aloe, scrape of the insides of the leaf and apply is generously all over the skin. Once the gel starts to dry off, using a damp soft towel, wipe off the access. With store bought aloe gel, you can apply it straight away to the skin and let it be. It would be a good idea to cool the gel in the fridge for a while, before using, as it will help cool the treated area. 
  • If your doctor has prescribed any creams or ointments to help with the pain or discomfort, it is important that you apply the same as and when suggested. In some cases, where the laser hair removal treatment has been done in the more sensitive parts of the body, you might be prescribed some oral painkillers as well – it is important that you reveal all your medical conditions and medical history before the same. Over the counter painkillers like aspirin should be avoided, because those are blood thinners and could possibly slow down the rate of healing.  
  • Ideally, you should prefer staying indoors or in the shade as much as possible, but if you do need to step out into the sun, make sure that you cover the treated part with a soft, loose-fitting cloth. So, if your arms have been treated, a loose-fitting full sleeves shirt or top will do the trick. Wear a large hat that covers your face, if the procedure was done on the face, because the direct heat from the sunlight and the ultraviolet rays can cause much damage. Using a high quality sun screen lotion will also help and you can ask your doctor to prescribe an effective one. 

Moving onto the don’ts that you need to bear in mind:

  • Rather than worry about the laser hair reduction cost, you need to worry about the havoc that heat in any form could cause to your freshly treated skin. Not only do you have to protect your skin from the heat of the sunlight, but also all other types of heat – you need to make sure that you do not over exert your body, by indulging in high intensity workouts, because if you sweat too much, it could lead to problems. Same goes for tanning beds or sunbathing – you need to avoid these for at least 3-5 weeks. You will be asked to even avoid very hot showers – you would either be asked to take bath in cold or at the most, warm water. 
  • Do not apply any harsh chemicals or skin products for the time suggested by the clinical experts – this means that you will have to avoid makeup products as well as creams that have a chemical base. If you had the treatment done in the underarms area, you will be asked to give up even your deodorant and perfume, especially the roll-on variety. Should you have the need to step out and need some form of fragrance, spray it on to your clothes a few minutes before wearing them. 
  • No matter how much you like the way your skin feels after a round of exfoliation, you need to avoid doing the same for a few days after the laser hair removal treatment session. In the days immediately after the session, your skin will be extremely tender and sensitive, the granules of a face or body scrub, along with the action of exfoliation, will further aggravate the skin, leading to slower healing. 
  • Do not use any other hair removal methods in the times between the sessions – so even if you see new hair growing, resist the temptation of using hair removal creams or waxing. If there is absolutely no way that you can avoid the removal of hair, you can use a soft edged razor, but try to avoid it. Moreover, you need to ensure that the sessions are spaced at least 4 to 6 weeks apart – ideally this is something that the clinic will arrange, but should there be any clash, you need to keep the spacing in mind. 

Should you pay attention to all these dos and don’ts the results of your laser hair removal treatment should be as positive as you expect! 

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