5 Things You Need To Know Before Having Lip Filler

5 Things You Need To Know Before Having Lip Filler

Lip filler and all dermal filler treatments have become increasingly popular. You’ll find that some people love the big look for their lips, although a lot of people prefer the more natural look. There are many different things you should think about and know before going ahead with lip filler, especially if you want to achieve your desired look. Here are the top 5 things you need to know about before having lip filler.

1. Is your practitioner medically qualified?

When having anything injected into your body, it is always important to choose a medically qualified practitioner to do so. You should always do thorough research into your chosen practitioner through their website, reviews, qualifications and even through photos of their previous work. 

There are so many practitioners out there that have no previous medical qualifications, and that have also been poorly trained. People tend to be tempted by the cheaper prices, but you always need to make sure you’re having your treatment done by a medically qualified practitioner, to ensure you do not end up with botched lip fillers! 

Suppose you are looking for that perfect practitioner or clinic, to book in with for your lip filler treatment. In that case, Dr Hennessy Aesthetics will only employ practitioners who have previously had a medical background. Ensuring that every treatment is done by someone fully qualified, that is fully trained, making sure that you are in the safest hands. 

2. What are the most common types of lip fillers?

You’ll find that hyaluronic acid is now used in filler, instead of collagen, which was once used in the past. Hyaluronic acid is the perfect substance for filler as it is a naturally occurring substance, that can already be found in the human body. 

This substance acts as a great plumbing agent, as it holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water. Another great thing about hyaluronic acid is that it can be easily dissolved if you decide you no longer like your lip filler, whereas with collagen it was a completely permanent solution, meaning they are a lot harder to remove from the lips.

3. Are lip fillers safe?

Lip fillers are safe if performed by someone who is medically trained and qualified, not to mention that hyaluronic acid fillers are FDA-approved. If you go to a medically qualified practitioner, that has a high level of skill and training, then this will make a big impact on how safe your treatment is. 

If you decide to go ahead with someone who has been a doctor, nurse or dentist in the past then they will have a much better understanding of the treatments and the face anatomy. Any dermal fillers in the UK are not regulated, meaning it is easy enough for anyone to get into this industry, so choosing someone carefully and who is qualified will make your treatment a whole lot safer. 

4. How much lip filler should I have?

Depending how big you want your lips, will depend on how much filler you have put into your lips. The kind of look and shape you want your lips to have will also have an effect on how much filler you go for. However, if you are having your first treatment done 0.5-1ml is usually the right amount to achieve a plump yet natural look. 

Your practitioner will be able to advise you along the way, to ensure that you are having an appropriate amount of filler. Starting off with a smaller amount is always the safest option, then in the future, you can decide to have bigger lips. Although sometimes less is definitely more when having lip filler.

5. How much will lip filler cost?

The price of lip filler will depend on where you go to have it done, as well as what kind of filler is used. Lip filler treatments will usually cost between £200-£500. However, you always have to be wary of people who are offering really cheap lip filler, as this is usually not the safest option. You have to remember that a medically qualified practitioner will always use a reputable filler brand, it’s always better to pay more to ensure you have a safer lip filler treatment. 

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