Tips to Maintain Your Kitchen According to the Vastu Shastra


Tips to Maintain Your Kitchen According to the Vastu Shastra

The list of tips to maintain your kitchen according to the Vastu Shastra is mentioned below. You can check out all these and apply them to improve the energy of your home. By submitting a write for us home category guest post you can express your point of view on home.

1. Location  

According to Vastu, the southeast corner of the home is the optimal location for a kitchen. This is because this direction is governed by the element of fire, and the kitchen is where fire is used the most.

Venus is associated with the southeast corner, which is thought to represent qualities like harmony, prosperity, and love.

2. Entrance 

Ideally, the kitchen entry should face either north or east. The entryway facing southwest or south should be avoided since this can bring bad energy and health problems.

3. Shape And Layout 

Ideally, the kitchen should be square or rectangular since it provides balance and stability. L-shaped or uneven kitchens can block the flow of positive energy and produce negative energy.

Regarding the location of the cooker and kitchen sink, you can also consult Vastu. According to Vastu, the optimal direction for the gas cooker is the southeast corner of the kitchen.

4. Colours  

The kitchen should have a colour palette that strikes a balance between light and dark hues, making it cosy and welcoming. A kitchen should be coloured yellow, orange, red, and pink, according to Vastu.

However, since they might produce a depressing and uninspiring mood, one should avoid employing black or dark blue tones. 

5. Lighting 

There should be lots of natural light in your kitchen to encourage health and happiness. It is imperative to ensure that the kitchen has sufficient artificial lighting, ideally with light fixtures oriented towards the southeast or south. Warm and cold hues should be balanced, and the lighting should be cheery and bright.

6. Cleanliness And Organization 

To encourage the flow of good energy and health, it should be neat, well-organised and frequently maintained, with special attention paid to the cooker, washbasin and other high-use areas. Positive energy might be impeded by an untidy, disorganised kitchen.

7. Kitchen Appliances And Equipment

To maintain a healthy energy flow in the kitchen, it's critical to maintain properly operating appliances and equipment. Items that are defective or malfunctioning might obstruct this flow and release negative energy.

8. Cooking With Positive Intentions

Since the energy of the person preparing the meal affects the energy of the food you consume, cooking with good intentions is an important part of following Vastu Shastra.

It's crucial to have a happy and upbeat mood when cooking and to avoid doing so when you're upset, frustrated, or anxious.

9. Storage And Organization Of Food

It is advised to store food in the south or west of the kitchen to encourage a favourable energy flow. To stop bad energy from building up, the storage space needs to be dry, clean, and well-ventilated.

10. Ways To Let Out Negativity 

Negativity can be effectively released through windows, which is why every kitchen should have one in the same orientation as the kitchen and an exhaust fan facing east to drive away all bad energy.

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