The Role Of Food And Beverages Department In India


The Role Of Food And Beverages Department In India

There should always be a regulatory department for every sector in the country in order to make rules and check the compliance of that particular sector in the country. Food is a basic necessity of life for every human being living on the planet without which one can not survive in life and therefore comes under FMCG category and therefore the government has made various departments who made rules for the food industry as per the requirement and need and work towards the compliances of such industry as this industry plays a important role in the health of the person and therefore one of the department which works towards the welfare of this food industry is food and beverages department in india.

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Food and beverage department is not a government body but rather a body that should be there in every hotel or restaurant or organization which works in the segment of food and beverage related industry. The main task of this department is that whatever the new laws, ordinance or provisions came in forward with respect to food and beverages by fssai, state government and central government for the welfare of this food industry they should follow the same and manage their work according to it and maintain all the details with respect to their organization working in coordination with this food industry. Further the role of the food and beverages department is to manage the billing, production, serving of the food and beverages in the industry. Also they are the one responsible for timely quality chek the food and beverages they are dealing with and need to assure that the food and beverages they are selling is appropriate as per FSSAI and would not lead any harmful impact on the person consuming such food and beverages.

This department is further divided into two categories one is food and beverages service department and other is food and beverages product department as this is directly consume thing and bad quality of it can have serious implication and therefore make sure that one never serve contaminated product at any stage otherwise that will further lead for serious legal issues and violation of law and policies of FSSAI.

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