Various Legal Attributes Towards Playing Of Poker In India


Various Legal Attributes Towards Playing Of Poker In India

Poker is associated with betting or gambling and knowing the fact that in India doing betting or gambling is illegal. It always gives you a thought that playing poker in the casino is considered legal and people play it with full fun and power and then also the laws related to playing poker are so complicated in our country.

States where playing of poker is completed banned in India:-

Numerous states like Tamil nadu, sikkim, Assam, orissa, Andhra pradesh, Telangana has a strict law over playing of poker in their respective states and therefore it is completely banned in these states to play poker whereas in other rest part of the country playing of poker is not banned and people can enjoy the game.

Although it is clearly mentioned that the above mentioned states are not allowed to enjoy the game of poker with the real money as the gambling regulations in these states are strict about using any peculiar things in playing of games shall be restricted and is banned.

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Legality of poker in India:-

Whether preferring to play online poker or offline poker legality of playing poker is different and varies from state to state in India as in India the law respecting to casino and playing of games like poker is a state affair and deciding of legality in terms of this games lies with the state where central government does not do any interface in between and allow the state government to make legislation and rules as per their understanding and finding towards the games like poker or casino.

Although gambling in any form is banned in India, the case is not the same with poker as the Indian courts have their findings towards poker as this is the game of skill not game of chance and therefore has laid poker out of the point of gambling.

But the vision is with respect to several courts only in India and every court does not have the same findings towards poker.

Therefore, lack of clear vision of every court and no proper outlining from the apex court of India that is “The supreme court of India” has made the playing of poker a confusing outlaw and have different perceptions towards playing in every state of country.

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