The 7 Different Types of Email Marketing


The 7 Different Types of Email Marketing

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Inbound Email Marketing

Delivering marketing emails exclusively to existing subscribers is known as inbound email marketing. It only targets those who have consented to receive email marketing communications, and it requires consent. 

These marketing campaigns primarily rely on buyer personas and behavioural targeting of customers, which are used to segment audiences.

Outbound Email Marketing

The reverse of inbound email marketing is outbound email marketing. It reaches more people, even those who are not on your email list. To put it simply, you send marketing emails to those who aren't on your email list here, in contrast to inbound email marketing. 

A typical foundation for outbound email marketing is ideal customer profile (ICP) research. This type of email marketing does not require consent due to its nature. 

Lead Nurturing Emails

Emails sent by marketers to assist consumers in moving through the lead funnel are called lead nurturing emails. It facilitates the transition of prospects from the sales funnel's contemplation to decision stages. 

These emails also highlight a product or service's top features and offer further details about it. email campaigns for promotions, welcome letters, etc. This lead nurturing email includes various email marketing formats.

Affiliate Email Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the more modern forms of email marketing. As an email affiliate, you send out relevant and engaging emails with promotional links for other products. 

Hence, instead of using your email marketing campaign to promote your products, that will increase audience engagement. In return, the sender of the email receives a percentage of any sales they bring to your company.

Acquisition Emails

An acquisition email's primary goal is conversion. By sending subscribers this kind of email, you help your business gain consumers. In particular, to those who have given permission to receive your emails, and to show individuals on your email list the importance of becoming active customers. It's a fantastic method for swiftly advancing leads through the conversion funnel.

Retention Email

Retention emails are any emails that are delivered to existing customers with the goal of keeping them as devoted clients. Through surveys or evaluations, retention emails ask for feedback from customers and frequently provide rewards to recent customers. 

Offers are another way to encourage them to get in touch with you again. One of the most effective email campaign formats for holding onto your hard-earned customers is this one. It's a widely used kind of email marketing that comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Transactional Emails

Email transactions are a component of automation. It's also a triggered email intended just for one-on-one conversations. For instance, when a user engages in an online transaction, such as ordering, registering, or making a purchase.

After that, the automation system is activated. And in response to that specific user's action, that user receives a transactional email. Transactional emails comprise emails such as welcome, invoice, confirmation, abandoned cart, and so on.

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