10 European Food Bloggers to Follow


10 European Food Bloggers to Follow

To know more about the food culture and texture you can explore different types of food bloggers whose ideas influence you. Some of the examples are mentioned below. For any kind of extra information, you can take help from the Write for Us Food blog posts because these blog posts contain much information. 

Linda Lomelino

With photos of seasonal vegetables and freshly baked delicacies, cookbook author and photographer Linda Lomelino's feed truly gives off a "back-to-the-land" vibe. Lomelino is based in Sweden. The blogs all have a floral motif, and several of them demonstrate how food colour may draw attention. 

Whether you work in the dessert industry or not, her beautifully shot photos serve as an inspiration to anybody responsible for making food appear both enticing and aspirational.

Eater’s Manifesto

A home cook in London started the Eater's Manifesto Instagram account to document her expertly prepared and carefully chosen meals. These days, the feed also occasionally features glimpses of lavish dinners out, such as those at Michelin-starred restaurants. 

When combined, the photos provide a view of some of the most exquisitely presented gourmet cuisine available, and some of them include preparation instructions like how to sous vide venison or how to "torch" a piece of mackerel.

Go Natural

Originally conceived as a food service concept within Sonae retail sites, Go Natural has evolved into a stand-alone business offering a selection of breakfast foods, salads, soups, and sushi. 

Products are branded to show that they are suitable for customers with particular dietary requirements and are created with natural components. This idea offers a creative approach to market fresh, label-free, and gluten-free meals and snacks.

Biff’s Jack Shack

A burgeoning trend is "filthy vegan," and Biff's Jack Shack is a prime example of it. Vegetarian and vegan lifestyles give lots of potential for experimentation and enjoyment, as evidenced by the restaurant's photos of crispy fried jackfruit burgers and wings. 

Biff's started off serving food in several London markets before establishing its first permanent facility in Shoreditch, following the route adopted by many other trendy eateries.

Little Moons

These two feeds are unconnected, but they perfectly capture the spread of Asian-inspired desserts throughout Europe. One of the top suppliers of the traditional Japanese treat mochi, which are rice balls filled with sweets (in this case, ice cream), in the UK is Little Moons. The brand frequently uses trendy ingredients like coconut and green tea.

WA Café

The goods of WA Café, a physical Japanese patisserie, bakery and café in London, are more in line with an "east meets west" concept. Examples of its delicacies include cherry blossom petals, Japanese-style toast with sweet black sesame paste and matcha croissants.

Fat Fox Café

The physical Fat Fox Café in Dublin is temporarily closed as it relocates, but it's continuously updating its Instagram feed with plenty of mouth-watering pictures of breakfast, lunch, and dessert. 

With a variety of dishes that cater to the "loaded everything" trend, the cuisine is tasty and vibrant, and these characteristics work together to give the restaurant a distinct and genuine online and physical identity.

Pizza Pilgrims

Pizza Pilgrims' pizza adheres to the current trend of using fresh dough and few toppings to create a simple, Italian flavour. They provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the kitchens in most of their postings, which fosters a genuine brand connection.

Eat Chay

Eat Chay, which refers to the idea of "vegan Vietnamese fusion" and "vegan Asian munch," is notable for its capacity to produce tasty vegan meals utilising recipes that are typically meat-based. Numerous sauces and tastes derived from fresh, marinated, sautéed, and pickled items are available.

Pinch of Nom

For home cooks who are interested in losing weight, the two chefs behind Pinch of Nom provide a variety of options, including traditional cookbooks and online meal plans and recipes.

Although the brand targets customers who want to lose weight, its tone is more "healthy lifestyle" than "calorie counting," which is consistent with many of the most well-liked diets in use today, such as the ketogenic diet.

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