The Top Ongoing Residential Projects in Pune


The Top Ongoing Residential Projects in Pune

Pune is a very developed place for the youth and the other persons who live there. Some of the ongoing projects in Pune City are mentioned below. These projects will be beneficial for you. You can also go through the Write for Us Real Estate blogs and articles once to gather more knowledge.

VTP Bellissimo

One of the greatest residential developments in Pune with a beautiful natural setting is the VTP Realty property. Take VTP Bellissimo into consideration if you're searching for an affordable way of living. 

Situated on 8.5 acres, the project boasts an array of opulent and contemporary features, such as home automation with digital locks, a football court, a swimming pool, a Jacuzzi, and much more.

Shapoorji Vanaha

Shapoorji Pallonji's Vanaha, which is situated on 150 acres, is a great option if you're searching for a home surrounded by nature with a view of the mountains. One of the best residential projects in Pune is the Vanaha project, which includes the 120+ acre Oxford Golf Course & Oxford Golf Resort.

Panchshil Towers

Panchshil Towers is the greatest residential property in Pune if you wish to live in a skyscraper and lead an opulent life. The proposal includes nine extremely tall skyscrapers situated on a 15-acre plot of land.

This project offers totally modern constructed residences with a plethora of amenities including a gym, tennis court, jacuzzi, earthquake resistance area, and much more. The highlight is the quality of living and view of the urbanscape.

Lodha Bella Vita

Lodha Bella Vita is among the greatest upcoming residential developments in Pune. Each buyer of a property in the project will enjoy a superior lifestyle because it is spread across 12 acres of land. 

Renowned architectural firm Kapadia Associates designed the property with the goal of giving you the best possible lifestyle that is in perfect balance with the natural world. including more than 20 contemporary amenities spread across nearly 150,000 square feet of fantastic outdoor area.

Godrej Woodsville

One of Pune's greatest future developments is Godrej Woodsville. Godrej Properties' project, which spans 4.5 acres, will feature a swimming pool, a mini theatre, a lounge, a gymnasium, and greenery—all of which are essential amenities and services to meet the needs and specifications of homebuyers.

There will also be many additional amenities to enhance your lifestyle. The project is planned such that a buyer will receive an excellent return on investment along with all the amenities.

Godrej Rivergreens

One of Pune's greatest residential developments with reasonably priced homes is the township project by Godrej Properties, which has 100 acres of land. The 4 hectares of green space in the Godrej Rivergreens project are equipped with over 50 opulent and contemporary facilities, such as a sky deck, a natural Jacuzzi, and several herb gardens.

Godrej Meadows

Spread over 3.03 acres, this is one of Godrej Properties' premier residential developments in Pune. Godrej Meadows is the first health and wellness-focused project in Pune, featuring a 3,000+ square foot Wellness Centre. 

One of the project's distinctive characteristics is the Japanese Ikigai-inspired clubhouse, which has over thirty additional amenities to fit your comfort and lifestyle.

Godrej Nurture

Godrej Properties has also developed the best residential property in Pune, the Godrej Nurture township project, which spans 7.5 acres of land and includes several clusters within a complex spanning 60 acres. 

As the name implies, the project emphasises the township's natural features while providing more than 50 amenities to fit a modern lifestyle and pleasant living for both residents and investors.

Kalpataru Jade Residences

One of Pune's greatest developments, Kalpataru Jade Residences, is situated against the magnificent Baner hills in an idyllic setting. The 9.36 acres of land that make up the Kalpataru Group project are the ideal blend of contemporary amenities, cosy living, and an improved way of life. 

The sophisticated amenities at Kalpataru Jade Residence are all intended to meet the expectations of users. There's an enormous lap pool, a kids' pool, an outdoor Jacuzzi, and a clubhouse unlike any other project.

Kalpataru Exquisite

The residential complex Kalpataru Exquisite, developed by Kalpataru Group, is among the most challenging in Pune. The project offers the tallest skyscrapers in the area and is situated across a 0.88-acre land piece. A unique clubhouse with more than 20 amenities, including a large party hall, a spa and massage area, and an excellent gym.

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