Various Applications Which Are Good Considered As A Part Of Technology Mobile


Various Applications Which Are Good Considered As A Part Of Technology Mobile


We live in the era of mobile phones and technology where we are too much dependent on the technology and its evolution that for finishing any sort of work we need proper technology based guidance to do it and it has been better in our life with the technology mobile system as now the technology in mobile phones have upgraded to that extinct that all our work easily get solved with the technology based mobile.

The most common used applications in mobile phones which are there to solve all our hurdles are:-

Google translator:-

While one is on their vacations or business trip or engaged in work meetings with foreign delegates or studying in foreign based schools or education. This application is a must thing for all as this application is an artificial intelligence generative application which provides your facility like voice recording or voice speaker and also writing option which can be converted into any diversified language across the globe.

Therefore, this application is a part of technology upgradation in mobile phones which are doing tremendous.

Voice enabled caller or function like hey siri, hello alexa:-

The new technology in mobile phones has a feature where for making a call or playing music you just have to give over the command to the mobile phone by saying hey siri! Call …. Person or hey siri play music aap ki nazron ne samjha or any other. Therefore, this technology helps in easing your work as through this technology in mobile phones one can actually do various tasks just by speaking and not even using their mobile phone which ease the life so much.


This system is often find while accessing various applications and website in our mobile phone and it is the one of the feature we have got with technology mobile as in this with the help of artificial intelligence the issues and grievances in been solved automatically by system generated question and answers which is generally replied to us by an artificial intelligence technology. 

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Face recognition:-

This technology has been used in mobile phones for the purpose of various things and this helps in keeping a better locking system in the phone as well as keeping other things safe as through this technology only through your face your phone can get unlocked. Thanks to mobile technology for getting us such a great privacy system.

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