Understanding the different sizes of Ecommerce


Understanding the different sizes of Ecommerce

Ecommerce platform is one of the most growing industries of current time and therefore the scope and exposure of ecommerce is even immense. Seeing the exposure and scope of ecommerce platforms, different kinds of business enterprises start indulging their business in the ecommerce platform. Therefore, ecommerce even has a variety of platforms as per the level and exposure of the business units.

There are various sizes of ecommerce platforms each varies with each other in terms of their sale and scale of business.

Different sizes of ecommerce platforms:-


Lot of new entrepreneurs become entrepreneurs by bringing a start up and there are various people who choose the online platform for bringing up their start up. Startup is basically a development of business by a newcomer who puts his step in a new business which he develops on his own technical skills.

For eg: “zomato” was a startup started by an IIT passed out. This techy has left his settled job because he was moreover interested in business and brings up an idea of a food delivery app. Right now zomato is among top usage apps in India which is running across the globe for the delivery of food.

2. Small business:-

These are the ecommerce platforms which are generally managed by the entrepreneurs who are usually having sole proprietorship, partnership firm, company with limited no of employees. Basically the companies who do not have large capital, nor large sales and work on less money are the type of ecommerce platform that comes under this category.

3. Mid Market:-

The type of ecommerce platform which is almost like small enterprise but slightly at an bigger scale as these sort of enterprise usually have more number of employees in comparison to the small scale as they basically comes in the category of business where there is around 101 to 500 employees and brings the sales in between 10 million to one billion.

4. Enterprise:-

These are the business ecommerce platforms which work at quite a large scale with an immense staff of more than 1000 people working for them and working towards the goal of generating more than 10 billion at a minimum level.

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