Current Updates In Tech


Current Updates In Tech

We follow various social media accounts, news and other ways through which we get instant updates on the tech based news as we are always looking forward for the opportunity which can be proven to make our life and work simpler and smoother in each and every aspect and that is one of the reason we use various tech based things to find out new updates in this thing for making our life and work improved and better by using new tech based things.

Few of The Latest Updates In Tech:-

Let us check out these current updates as per their industry and these are mentioned below:-

1. Automobile industry:-

  • Tesla is soon coming to India with their models for Indian roads and also Tesla has recently hired employees in their factory in the United States Of America for the work.
  • Xiaomi is working on its first electric car and launching it super soon.

2. Gadgets industry:-

  • Samsung is bringing up the new AI system for their television, laptop and mobile phone in its Samsung Galaxy range.
  • Samsung is showcasing its new smart phones in 2024 which will be showcased in South Korea.
  • Samsung unpacked its new S24 range in the market.
  • Apple is at the top position in the global smartphone market as per current report.
  • OPPO Reno launches its 11 series in India in the industry of mobile phones.
  • Android is planning to bring back the lock screen widget with its new update in android 15.
  • Iphone has recently shown a massive survival by surviving from the height of 16000 feets fall.
  • The recent ban on Apple watches has been lifted and therefore, resumed the sales of apple watch 9 series.

3. IT Industry:-

  • Microsoft is planning to develop an Artificial intelligence system for all the agents.
  • Copilot pro will be an AI based office feature which is available for all the office agents.
  • Microsoft CEO Is working hard towards artificial intelligence and planning to bring down the system with better stability and good governance.
  • Xiaomi has an EV launch event.
  • The app known as “Artifact” from the cofounders of instagram is soon shutting down.

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