Road Transport Laws Of India


Road Transport Laws Of India

We all love driving and using the transport for our luxury, comfort and convenience but using these services also make it a necessity for us to understand the laws applicable on using these services to never get into a hassle or legal issues. As our Indian Government is working everyday towards making measures and rules for the safety of its citizens and therefore has made some strict laws which every citizen have to follow and all the legalities of the people who are using the road transport will be applicable on them in accordance with the laws made by our Indian Government.

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Laws related to road transport in India:-

At present there are three major laws which regulates road transport in India and these are as follows:-

Motor vehicles Act, 1988: The act came into existence in July 1989 with the main objective of seeking and looking after the road transport and motor vehicle safety. The entire provisions and statute made under this act deals with license of drivers or conductors, registration of vehicles or cars, regulation with respect to control of motor vehicles and permits & provisions with respect to motor vehicles. All the provisions are made in a manner that the safety of the people are ensured in each and every manner.

Road transport corporation Act, 1950: This act came into existence in the year 1950 just after our country India got its independence. The main objective of this act was to ensure the facilities related to road and transportation to the citizens of India. This act works towards providing economical and budget friendly along with ease in transportation to each and every person in our country. This act has a provision which has enabled all the state governments across the country except few exceptions which has been mentioned in the act to set up their own corporation for providing these ancillary services. This act is also working towards using national transportation and reducing the role of private vehicles in our country. The act is quite beneficial for the development of the country's own transportation services.

Carriage by Road Act, 2007: This act came into existence in the year 2007 with the main objective of regulating the carrier and goods transportation system in our country. This act protects the rights of both consignee and consignor in terms of goods transportation. 

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