Basics To Fitness

Basics To Fitness

Are you looking forward to starting a fitness program? Then you are on the right track as fitness is one of the most crucial and indeed requirements of a human body for being active, looking good and staying healthy. Fitness covers all the major aspects of life which is beneficial for a person in his/her life to attain. 

Fitness is being totally correlated with being physically active and fit and having a fitness freak helps in reducing the various risks of chronic diseases, heart related problems and so on.

The department of Health and Human services recommend few things for a person to be healthy and fit which are as follows:-

  • Aerobic Activities: We know that doing aerobic activity is a part of a fitness regime and even the department of health and human services promote such activities. It has been recommended that a human should at least do a moderate aerobic activity for the duration of 150 minutes and vigorous aerobic activity for the duration of at least 75 minutes in a week for living a healthy life. It has been also said that a person can make a schedule for the entire week for attaining such goals also if a person is planning to do weight loss or attaining different fitness goals desirable for a beautiful body and highly energetic and fit body then a person should at least go for 300 minutes of aerobic activity in a week. Being active can bring great good changes in life which is beneficial in a lot of things such as staying away from diseases, increasing efficiency of work and so on.
  • Strength Training: The department of health and human services emphasize on strength training and recommend that a human body needs at least two times a week muscle and strength training for all parts of the body. They believe that a person should aim to do regular strength and muscle training in a set of 12-15 repetitions. 

Daily fitness goals and exercise is good helpful for a human body as we all know that these days the lifestyle of people are really bad and it is getting worse day by day which is leading to serious health issues and obesity and therefore, fitness goals helps in getting overcome through these factors and make yourself achieve weight loss goals and also helps in getting rid of chronic diseases, lower the risk of cancers and other diseases.

Starting a fitness regime is important for a developing person and developing country so, make your fitness regime today and start working out towards it for a better future and better personal growth.

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