Comparison Between Indian And Western Lifestyles


Comparison Between Indian And Western Lifestyles

Indian and Western lifestyles significantly differ from each other. Before discussing about the differences between them, let us first learn about Indian and Western lifestyles respectively. You can also share some lifestyle-related blogs on our platform Lifestyle Write for Us Guest Post.

Indian Lifestyle 

Indian lifestyle is full of diversity and a combination of various traditions, customs, beliefs, and practices. These religious practices and traditions vary along different regions of India. Some common features of the Indian lifestyle are as follows;

  • Indians have a strong sense of family values and a joint family system, where multiple generations live together.
  • Indian cuisine is a blend of various spices, flavors, and varieties. Indian vegetarian ingredients such as kidney beans, also known as rajma in the local language, are often used in Mexican dishes. 
  • India is full of religious and cultural diversity. The major religions in India are Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, and Christianity.
  • Elders are seen as a source of wisdom in India and their blessings are regarded as of very great importance. 
  • Many different festivals are celebrated throughout the year in India. 
  • Tradition Indian clothing varies along different regions. Women are often seen in sarees, salwar suits, or lehengas. Whereas men wear dhoti kurtas, pajamas, or suits.
  • Spirituality plays a great role in the daily lives of Indians. 

Western lifestyle 

Western lifestyle refers to the way people in Western countries live their life. Some common features of the Western lifestyle are;

  • People prefer the nuclear family structure in western countries. 
  • Western cuisine generally consists of meat and dairy-based products.
  • People in Western countries prefer personal freedom and autonomy.
  • Western people dress more comfortably and casually. 
  • Many people in the West prioritize their personal lives over their careers. 
  • People in the West have led to many technological advancements in the field of healthcare and education.

Comparing Indian and Western lifestyles

Family pattern

Indian tradition mainly follows joint family systems where people from different generations live together, whereas in Western tradition people prefer individuality and personal space, hence they follow nuclear family systems. 


Indian traditional clothing includes sarees, salwar, dhoti, etc. They consist of more vibrant colors, whereas Western people are more into muted shades of colors. 

Food habits 

Indian cuisine consists of more herbs and spices and is mostly based on vegetarianism, whereas Western cuisine is more meat-based and focuses on individual flavors. 

Social etiquettes

Indians are comparatively more respectful towards their elders and hierarchical relations. Western culture tends to be more individualistic and less hierarchical.                                                                                                                                        

Work culture

Western culture has more leisure time whereas Indians work for more longer hours.

There are many differences between Indian and Western cultures but these are just broad categorizations, this may vary from one individual to another. 

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