Artificial Jewellery


Artificial Jewellery

Artificial jewelleries are the type of ornaments that are made from inexpensive materials such as base metals, synthetic stones, glass etc. These are usually designed to look like the expensive jewellery made from real and precious metals like gold, diamond, silver, etc. but at a much cheaper cost. They can also be customized as per your taste. They are also known as costume and fashion jewellery and they follow current trends.

Advantages of Artificial jewellery

Artificial jewelleries are affordable, versatile, and comes with wide range of styles and design. Here are some reasons, why you should go for artificial jewellery. 

  • They are of low cost, hence affordable for everyone.
  • They come in wide range of designs, colours, and patterns.
  • They are versatile, so they can be styled with both traditional and western clothing.
  • They follow current fashion trends and upgrade themselves accordingly.
  • Due to its wide range of designs and colours, it can be matched with any outfit.
  • They are lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  •  They give a pretty and elegant look.

Downsides of artificial jewellery

Although artificial jewelleries are very trendy and popular, still there are some downsides of it as well.

  • They are not durable and are prone to breakage.
  • They may rust easily
  • Their colour may fade over time
  • Some people might have allergic reactions to some metals or coatings used in artificial jewellery.  

Types of highly popular artificial jewellery 

Here are some of the types of artificial jewelleries that are highly popular these days among women. 

Silver lookalike /oxidised jewellery

The silver lookalike jewellery has become very popular among women these days. These are worn by women of every age group and provide a boho-chic look with every outfit. They are available at every shop nowadays, right from street vendors to large stores. 

Gold plated jewellery

Due to the high prices of pure gold, gold plated jewelleries are more frequently bought as they are relatively cheaper and affordable. They provide an elegant and rich look to women. Heavy gold-plated jewelleries are worn during weddings and other important and formal occasions. 

Pearl jewellery 

Pearl is just a small stone that makes a women look stylish. They go with every outfit, and looks very classy. They enhance the look of women even without any makeup.

Beaded jewellery

Beaded jewelleries are available in different colours, both with silver and gold platted jewellery. These can look good on any women and it enhances her charm.

Enamel jewellery

Enamel jewellery is made by carving out motifs of colourful flowers, birds or animals on the base metal of a particular colour. It is a great source of attraction and is current favourite among the millennial women. 

Tassel jewellery 

Tassel jewellery is made with multiple strands of beads, pearls or strings.  They look highly fashionable and super stylish.

Floral jewellery 

It has now become a trend to wear floral jewellery on pre wedding functions like haldi and mehendi. They look extremely attractive in pictures. These are not worn on a regular basis.


Artificial jewelleries are a great, affordable, popular, and trendy option nowadays. They are highly fashionable. The only place that they lack in is durability. But according to the price it is a good option to buy these. Share more information and views about jewellery with us through a guest blog for our platform on write for us jewellery

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