3 Big Eye Makeup Tips

Eye makeup enhances our natural eye shape and makes it more appealing. Similarly, makeup for big eyes enhances and defines the eyes.

Big eyes have more eyelid space, which can accommodate multiple eyeshadow colours. You can experiment with different eye looks, such as simple, minimalist, and dramatic. Our overall appearance is greatly influenced by our eye makeup. People often notice your eyes as the first thing they notice about you.

Understanding your eye shape is useful when applying eye makeup. Knowing your eye shape well makes defining your eyes easier. Although you are free to experiment, there is an eyeliner look for each eye shape. So, for those of you who have big eyes, here are some makeup tips to decorate them beautifully. Keep on reading!

Smokey eyes:

You may be familiar with applying black eyeliner and eyeshadow, but it's time to grow out. Instead of using dated and harsh black eyeliner, try a rich chocolate brown or plum liner with a shadow on top; it will last longer and look softer than a liquid black liner.

That's the glamour of big eyes: you don't have to worry about incorporating new colours or techniques. Colours are also more interesting and flattering.

Dark Eye Makeup:

A general rule of thumb in eye makeup is that the darker the eye shadow, the smaller your eyes appear. This is due to the dark colour receding space and size. Pale, light colours draw attention to and sharpen your facial features. To give your eyes a shadow effect, avoid dark colours and opt for lighter shades. To contour and dramatise your eyes, apply complementary darker colours to your eyelids.

When you use the darkest of shades for edge lining, dark eye makeup looks fantastic. The lining should be thin and applied close to the lash line. A heavy, thick line will appear to close the eye. A thin shadow on the lower lashes will add a dramatic touch. A thin line will also give the appearance of being more natural. Also, if you want your pointed eyes to stand out, make sure your lower eyelashes are highlighted as well.

Fake Lashes:

If you want to go dramatic with your big eyes, a strip of natural false lashes will easily bring them out, allowing you to experiment and have fun. However, and this is our favourite part, remember to curl both your natural and fake lashes before applying your fake lashes. Before applying the false lashes, apply black mascara to the top and bottom lashes. Because of the added colour and thickness, makes the false lashes appear more natural.

An eyelash curler is the most important makeup tool for a woman, especially if you want to make your eyes appear larger. This will help your lashes separate and, as a result, add that perfect fold to the ends for a fuller effect.If you have something interesting to share about the same then write in the category Lifestyle Write For Us Guest Post and send us at deskgrass@gmail.com

If you like eyeshadow, like dramatic eye makeup, and have big eyes, you will have a great time with the tips above. You can, of course, go all out with your eye makeup. Allow your imagination to run wild and try out our makeup ideas for big eyes. The strategy is to define the eyes and let them steal the show. But, whether you want smokey or glittery eyes, make sure you get enough sleep because you don't want your eyes to look droopy. If your eyes are tired and puffy, you can remove the puffiness with a dual crystal roller before applying makeup.

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