Setting Personal, Family, and Business Goals for Business Success


Setting Personal, Family, and Business Goals for Business Success

Goal setting is a major exercise for achieving personal and business success. It's part of the strategic planning process.

1. Personal goals related to 

establishing particular goals provide the foundation for strategic planning. Personal pretensions are broadened into family goals, which lead to business pretensions and give input into the strategic planning process.

Everyone involved in the operation of the ranch business should identify their individual pretensions. Personal pretensions may concentrate on accomplishments that give happiness and fulfilment to you or someone you care about. 

  • Below are normal personal goals.
  • To keep up good health.
  • To have a trusted circle of friends. 
  • To Existing in financial security 
  • To be affected and involved in religious life 
  • To complete a college degree.
  • To have responsible, productive, and happy children.

2. Family Goals 

Family goals concentrate on achieving accomplishments agreed upon by the family. The family individualities need to work as a platoon to inclusively identify and establish pretensions for the family unit. 

Below are typical family goals. 

  • To give fiscal resources to achieve each member's personal pretensions. 
  • To maintain good health of family members.
  • To maintain a home of which you're all proud. 
  • To have a son joining the family business. 
  • To enjoy relaxation time as a family. 
  • To promote the highest position of education desirable for each family member. 
  • To obtain acceptable finances to support and educate your family. 
  • To rear responsible, productive, and happy children.

3. Business Goals 

Remember, business goals aren't an end in themselves. The purpose of business goals is to achieve particular and family pretensions. 

Business goals give the relationship between goals (specific and family) and business strategy. In other words, business strategy is developed to achieve business goals and business pretensions are used to achieve particular and family goals.

For example, if the family wants to build up its standard of living, the business needs to induce further income, so a business strategy is developed to build up business income. 

Below are typical business goals. 

  • To ensure a secure and acceptable income.
  • To meet the requirements of our family and workers. 
  • To conduct business in an ethical and fair manner. 
  • To conserve natural resources and maintain a healthy environment.
  • To give time for recess and rest for family members and workers. 
  • To have stimulating work that provides new challenges as times change. 

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