Amazing facts about Jewellery


Amazing facts about Jewellery

Indian civilization is one of the oldest societies in the world. And jewellery has been part of this civilization from ancient times. With time, Indians became prominent players in the jewellery trade and were apparently the world's biggest patrons of jewellery.

One of the prized pieces of jewellery that was worn by all the tycoons and emperors of India was the navaratna mascot. It’s a gold garnishment with nine precious monuments bedded in it. They were diamond, ruby, plum, ruby, emerald, sapphire, cat's eye, coral, and topaz.

Today, one is one who does not require jewellery or does not understand what jewellery is!! 

Accessorising with jewellery is a fashion statement loved by men and women alike all over the world.

1. Gold comes from meteorites.

All the gold that has been booby-trapped on Earth first arrived via a meteorite. It's believed that gold arrived on Earth via a huge meteor shower that passed over 4.5 billion years ago, after the Earth’s crust had formed. So, all those years ago, the gold used in the ring on your finger was roving around space!

2. The First Diamonds

The first diamonds that humans discovered were set up in India. They set up shop on their way to China and other parts of the world via the fabulous Silk Road trade route. Firstly, people valued them more as cutting tools and amulets than as jewellery. Diamonds continue to appear in ministry and tool moments. Diamond-sloped drills and sayings are essential for the assiduity thanks to diamonds' extreme continuity and hardness. Living 

3. Insect jewellery. 

Alive insect jewellery has been popular multiple times throughout history. The Egyptians are considered by some to have been the first to do so, by wearing cabochon beetles into battle. The Mexican Maquech Beetle and the Giant Madagascar Hissing Cockroach have also been used in jewellery in history.

4. 24K gold is actually soft enough to be folded.

Gold isn’t the most durable of materials; platinum is the better choice for a jewellery piece that needs to repel being knocked about. Still, 24-karat gold is so soft that it's actually possible to move it about with your hands, which is why you’re unlikely to find it used in jewellery.

5. Diamonds come in all the colours of the rainbow.

Whilst white, or clear, diamonds are the most popular, they're in fact available in a variety of different and beautiful colours. The colour of diamond changes due to its chemical composition it forms. Colored diamonds are unique and are judged on their own scale, from knockout to fancy to fancy deep. 

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