20 Ways To Improve Real Estate


20 Ways To Improve Real Estate

Real Estate?

Real estate is the land that has any permanent improvements with attach to the land, whether natural or man-made— including water, trees, minerals, buildings, homes, fences, and bridges and many more.

There are many different ways to improve and here are 20 Ways:

  1. Charitable Groups: Frequently receive gifts of real estate, but they’d rather have the cash.
  2. Advertising: Never stop. Use simple ads with a USP leads to unique Selling of Proposition
  3. Auctions: Do your homework in advance. Auctions move very fast and a single mistake can be costly. Visit your local auction once a few times just to observe.
  4. Carpet Cleaners: Many of their customers are preparing a house for sale.
  5. Business Cards different types: one for seller, one for buyers, one for professionals.
  6. Direct Mail: Pre-Foreclosure Letters, Probate Letters, Out of Town Owners, Postcards, Bankruptcies, Divorce.
  7. Bandit Signs: Check your local sign ordinances. Some places have no issue to them whereas others have.
  8. Builders Models: Frequently builders will sell a model home at a discount.
  9. Flyers: Cut your money in half, print two in a page and distribute.
  10. Funeral Homes: Can be a good source before information on a decedent and it becomes public.
  11. Don’t waste your time on Twitter: Twitter requires more time and effort than most other platforms and has among the shortest shelf-life per post.
  12. Monetize your real estate website Your website can be so much more than a lead-generator. 
  13. Be mobile-friendl:  If your site isn’t formatted to be viewed on these devices, you’re losing clients. 
  14. Stay local: If you’re doing much online marketing, you might start seeing traffic from buyers and sellers all over the world. So keep your posts hyper-local. 
  15. Always have professional listing photos: In the age of online property searches, your listing photos provide the first impression. And not just to the listing, but in your business also. Represent yourself and your clients well.
  16. Volunteer: Volunteering is a great way to establish yourself in the community, meet locals, and get to know your neighbors.
  17. Consider drone photos: Drone photos won’t be for every property, but for your high-end listings, drone photos can make all the difference in the world!
  18. Automate where possible: To grow your real estate business, you need to free up some of your time and/or money. Automation accomplishes this.
  19. Give video tours of listings: Video is an excellent medium for real estate sales. And you can again use your videos in many different ways.
  20. Try webinars: If seminars are working for you, but you want to reach a wider audience, try webinars. It’s the same information, but using a virtual platform instead.

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