List of Best Tech Android Apps


List of Best Tech Android Apps

Google Play Store consists of lots of apps. Some of them are splendid and relatively useful, and the most of them are of low quality.

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So we had taken out an idea to select some of the stylish apps for Android and created a list for it that will help you move with the growing world of technology. 

1. Pocket 

In Pocket, you can attend everything across multiple bias. For illustration, you have saved a URL on your Android device. You can fluently pierce it by logging in on your computer or iOS device. Cybersurfs like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, can have its extension installed to make the process much easier.  

2. Google Chrome 

It's insolvable if you haven't heard of this app yet. This is the stylish cybersurfed app that you can install on your Android device. Currently, utmost of the Android bias have Google Chrome preinstalled. It'll give you an immense web browsing experience from your Android device. If you have logged in into your Google Account.

3. Poweramp 

This is the music player that has been beating the maps since the beginning. However, this is the stylish app that you can get for your Android device, If you're a music sucker. It provides a broad range of equalizer customization with inbuilt presets. 

4. Office Lens 

The name explains that this is presumably from Microsoft. Well yes, it's a relatively handy app that will help your device to be a movable document scanner. The quality of the print will purely depend upon the quality of your device’s camera.  

5. Duolingo 

Still, Duolingo gamifies language literacy with bite- sized assignments and a friendly interface, If you are looking to learn another language. Starting with simple vocabulary and structure from there, Duolingo is your companion to learning a new language or brushing up on bone you formerly know. 

6. LinkedIn 

Most people are presumably familiar with LinkedIn as a service only visited in times of despair — after being laid off, perhaps, or after a day in the office so bad that you are just not going to take it presently. The LinkedIn app aims, still, to be a companion to the LinkedIn web service that you check every day.

7. Snapchat 

With Snapchat, you snappily snap and change prints with one or several musketeers. The app also supports videotape snaps, as well as voice and videotape calling. The catch is that whatever you post vanishes after a day. It's just a fun and deciduous way to partake in the world around you.

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